Do you have a list of recommended hotel/motels in the area and is there RV camping on arena grounds? Yes, see the page “Area Accommodations”.

What does the $30 audit fee cover?  Please pay your auditor/spectator fee when you arrive (which hopefully is early and before the first class is underway!) CASH OR CHECK ONLY….and that buys you ALL DAY of Buck Brannaman! Keep in mind, it is $30 whether you stay for 10 minutes or all day. No refunds.

Buck also is happy to take questions. Sometimes not everyone can hear the question, but be patient and listen to his answer. If after he answers, the question is not clear, THEN ask him to repeat it. He is also willing to sign autographs/have photos taken at the conclusion of each day.

Which DVD is best to start with: Buck always recommends starting with the Groundwork DVD. This will allow you the fundamentals of horsemanship and enough tools to practice with. It is very difficult and frustrating to try to solve a problem by starting in the middle. Next up would be the new In the Snaffle Bit DVD. Furthermore, all of your learning by the training DVDs should be enriched with a clinic. Seeing it in person, up close and watching Buck ride is invaluable to refining your own work.

May I accompany my participant spouse/daughter/son/mother/father/friend/etc. as a ‘helper/assistant/groom’ and have the audit fee waived?  Buck has a strict policy: If you are not riding/participating in a class, you are required to pay the fee. This eliminates all confusion!

I just want to video my spouse/daughter/son/mother/father/friend/etc. for our personal use: may I have permission to do that? Once again, a very strict policy:  NO VIDEO RECORDING WHATSOEVER is allowed. Once that video leaves the arena, he has no control over the context into what it may be put, or how it may be used.  He would love to trust everyone but he, unfortunately, cannot. So again, this strict policy eliminates many unforeseen problems.  Your understanding is much appreciated. Still photos are absolutely fine!

I am interested in coming to the clinic as a spectator and would appreciate more information regarding which days to attend.  We can’t commit to the entirety of each class, and would like your recommendation as to which days are the best.  Every class in every clinic, in every town, every year, is different!  Classes are dependent upon the horses and their riders and the issues they present. You will learn the most, any day of any class, if you watch and listen carefully to Buck. If you are an experienced rider, it is even more important to concentrate on every move he makes [or doesn’t make!] and how his horse responds. That said, the first day of each clinic presents the horse/rider teams where they start….and the last day will amaze you in the difference and how far they’ve come; how at ease, confident and understanding the horses have become. Some of the latent issues surface usually during the middle days, are addressed and worked through. So, unfortunately, I cannot give you the answer you seek….because all of the days are the best!

For more great information…questions/answers at Buck’s website please click:


More questions/answers will be added as we go along….check back again!


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