About the clinics

~ Buck will be doing two classes, morning  will be Horsemanship 1; afternoon will be Horsemanship 1.5.

~ The classes will be Saturday-Monday, July 17, 18 and 19th, 2021.

~ The morning class will start at 9 AM and the afternoon class will start at 1:30 PM. *Please be sure to read the class descriptions page for more detailed information, as the afternoon class is for more advanced riders.

~ Each class is $750.

~ There will be 20+ Clinic Participants, per class.

*NOTE: The larger the class, the more opportunity you will have to learn. Don’t let the numbers scare you away! Shayne has ridden in 100’s of clinics and always learns MORE in the larger classes.

Payment/Reservation info for participants can be found on the Participants Page

Auditing / Spectating:

~It is $30, per day, to audit/spectate, payable at the door.

~We will also be PRE-SELLING wrist bands for auditors/spectators, that will be good for all THREE clinic days. The wrist band will get you in the arena without waiting in ANY lines! Beat the crowd and get the best seat in the house! The cost of the wristband is $90 and is NON refundable, no exceptions.

Please make your check out to: McGinnis Meadows Ranch.

Send your deposit check, money order payable to:

McGinnis Meadows Ranch

Att: Kalispell clinic/wristbands

6220 McGinnis Meadows Rd. Libby, MT 59923

Please be sure to include a note with your name, mailing address & phone number!

~Although the clinic is hosted by McGinnis Meadows Ranch, we will not be providing the use of our ranch horses to those interested in participating in the clinics.

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